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Unlocking Opportunities: Ideas to Help You Grow in the Advanced Markets
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News and articles that affect the industry
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Information and discussion from the AALU committees
715by BrianEdelmanBrianEdelman
08 Apr 2008 12:50Jump!
Comments and disscusion on recent eBRIEF articles
78by aalu webmasteraalu webmaster
10 Jan 2008 20:24Jump!
If you would like to post on an issue that does not fit the above categories, please do so here.
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Welcome to the AALU Online Forum!

Blogging is an open and transparent process, and we at AALU are pleased to bring you this online forum. Online “blogging” is a great tool for exchanging ideas about the issues that affect our industry. Yet it is also important to remember that posting a blog is like sending an email to our entire membership. Once posted, anyone can read what you wrote.

Listed below are some tips that will help you in the process becoming active in the AALU online community. Taking the time to think about every post before you publish will save you embarrassment and public criticism. It's important that all members consider his obligations to his employer and colleagues when writing on a blog.

1. The blogger's or AALU’s opinion? – Though AALU does not necessarily endorse the opinion of every comment posted on the blog, keep in mind that as a respected leader in the insurance industry and an AALU member, your opinion will carry weight, and will reflect on our membership as a whole.

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